The Cobra Story

The Cobra Story

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Nachdruck der Original-Auflage von 1965, Motorbooks International
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Beschreibung: HE COBRA STORY is the exciting all-American success story of a man, his dream, and his automobile - Carroll Shelby and his sleek sports racer, the Cobra. In the racing world, automobiles bearing the famous emblems of Mercedes, Maserati, Jaguar, and Ferrari have completely dominated the speed treacks for years. Until 1964, that is, when Shelby�s Ford-powered Cobra began to win race after race in the United Stats, finally taking the United States manufacturers� championship - just missing the world�s GT championship, won by Ferrari of Italy. But, as Shelby puts it, This is the fascinating story of the hottest car in the world - at Le Mans or on Main Street - The Cobra.As told to John Bentley.� Mit 32 Fotoseiten(s/w)

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