An Adventures Life . The Costin- Nathan Story

An Adventures Life . The Costin- Nathan Story

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Roger Nathan

Auflage 2006

Text: English

Roger Nathan was 40 years ago a successful racing car builder and racer. He was competing with Jim Clark and others in the golden era of motor racing. He also manufactured his own successful racing car the Costin Nathan and the Astra.

The racing car drivers in those days were exploring one of the 20th century last frontier: speed. They were doing it with style, fair play and total disregard for safety and money. Having seen so many friends die, and having spent most of his 20?s racing and building cars he suddenly felt the urge to do something else. In the early 70?s he left the scene and started flying. It took him to remote corners of the world where he led another very adventurous life mining gold and diamonds in Sierra Leone and air lifting a UN rescue team in a war-torn African country among others.
Today his cars the Costin Nathan GT, the Astra RNR1 and RNR2 with their beautiful forms and their wooden monocoque collect the admiring attention of the observers of the historical racing scene. In the 60?s driven by Roger Nathan they were also winning a lot of races. The wooden chassis, designed by Costin gave the car the allure of a dolce vita icon. It is also very modern in conception, wood being the equivalent of today?s carbon for rigidity and lightweight.

The person who brought them to life and to fame is only known to a small group of survivors of the 60?s racing circuit. It might change. Recently Roger Nathan applied for a racing license after a pause of nearly 35 years. The RAC recognizing his merits granted it immediately. Roger in the 60?s was one of the British racer with the most lap records. He also epitomized the fight of the little guy against the big team, such as his victory in Monthlery in 1966 against the Abarth factory team with no less than 5 cars in a European championship-qualifying event.

Book is signed by Roger Nathan.

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